Saturday, February 21, 2015

Microprocessor & I/O System

Reference Book:

Lab Sheets:

Exp 01_Introduction to Microprocessor 8086

Exp 02_8086 instructions and programming with 8086 Single and Multidimensional Arrays

Exp 03_ Programming with 8255 Keyboard and Display Controller and writing programs to control seven segment displays and familiarizing with 8279 keyboard and seven segment display controller

Exp 04_Familiarizing with LED matrix display

Exp 05_Interfacing and Control of Stepper Motor using 8255 PPI driven by 8086

Exp 06_Familiarization of interfacing of Digital -to-Analog (DAC) converter with 8086

Exp 07_LCD Display Control

Arman Riaz Ochi Sir:

Lecture 01

Lecture 02

Lecture 03

Lecture 04

SAP 1 Control Word Microinstruction


Problem & Solution

Lecture 5 (8086 Part 1)

Lecture 7 (8086 Part 3)

PPI 8255

The MIPS Computer Architecture

Pipelined MIPS


Mohammad Mezanur Rahman Monjur Sir:

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

emu 8086 Download Link

Lecture 5_8086 (Part 1)

Lecture 7_8086 (Part 2)

Email ID

Lab Cover Sheet


Processor Logic Design

Micro Programming Part-1

Micro Programming Part-2

Lecture 8 PPI 8255

ARM Lecture


Kazi Muhammad Jameel Sir:

Lecture 1 updated

Lecture 2

Lecture 4 (SAP-1)

Report Writing Guideline

SAP-1 Assignment Example

SAP-1 Assignment

SAP-1 Assignment and Solution

Lecture 6_8086 (Part 2)

Lecture 8_PPI 8255

Pipelined MIPS

Instruction Set

My Notes:

Floating Point Number Convertion

Partial Decoding

Control Byte Register

Lab Problems

SAP-1 Problems


  1. Do you have solution(s) of Kazi Muhammad Jameel Sir's Midterm Assignment? Thanks for your help! :)

    1. Yes, once i solved it. Already uploaded that file.
      Thank You.