Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blank Status

Who are regular in Facebook,they may be already saw a thing. That is Blank Status.Some of our friends give blank status. But how they give that?? Almost of us are not known to it. Let's see how you give a blank status.

How You Give A Blank Status :

WAY 1 :

1. Log In to Facebook.

2. Click on "Update Status".

3. Then at the same time pressing Alt and 0173 from numeric Keys .

4. Then post.

WAY 2 :

1. Log In to Facebook.

2. Click on "Update Status".

3. Then press @[0:0: ]

4. Then post.

After finishing "WAY 1" or, "WAY 2" you will see the magic.
Not only Facebook,you can also give blank status in Twitter,Google Plus,Yahoo,Sitetalk.LinkedIn, My Space and any other site. Thank you all.


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