Saturday, December 17, 2011

Use Username in Google+ as Facebook and Twitter

Assalamu Alaikum. Hope You all are well. Today i show you how u can add username in Google+ .

If someone use username in facebook his/her profile link is such as :

If someone use username in twitter his/her profile link is such as :

But the link of Google Plus is bigger and difficult to remember such as :

Instead of this link,if the link is , then it is easier to remember than the past.
To do this,go to
Type your new username below Nick Name and your Google+ ID No. below Your Google+ ID .

When you enter your Google+ Profile you will find your ID No. in url.
Then click add .
If u see in green backfround,then you already add your username.
If u see This nickname is used by someone else in red background,then please enter another usrname in the Nick Name box.

Then your work will finish.After that you can use short link of your profile.
Thank you all...:)


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